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Patio Paver Sealer in Matthews NC

We’ve Got Your Property Covered

It doesn’t get enough though but your patio pavers need attention too. Patio pavers get it from the elements as badly as your deck, fence and siding so be sure to take care of them. Here at Century Painting, we offer patio paver sealing services that will protect your walkways, decking, retaining walls or anywhere else you may have pavers installed.

We service all kinds of hardscapes so you can all us out whatever your needs may be. The next time you need the help of a professional patio paver sealer in Matthews NC, be sure to call on us.

Take a look at just of the few of the advantages of our patio paver sealer service:

  • Stymies Crack Damage – When there is a hairline fracture in one of your pavers it is best to nip it in the bud as soon as possible. These hairline cracks can grow very quickly and compromise the paver. Our sealing can help prevent further cracking and damage.
  • Easier to Maintain – Sealing your pavers makes them much easier to clean which means less time spent on a weekend laboring over your hardscapes.
  • Inhibits Moss – A quality seal will keep moss from growing on your pavers which can be slippery, dangerous and detracts from the overall look of your outdoor areas.
  • Restores Beauty – A professional seal will bring out the original color and brightness of your pavers.

Sealing is generally a good way to make sure that your paver stones last as long as they should or longer. If you are not interested in the distressed look and want to keep your hardscapes looking like new, talk to us.

You Have Options

We work with a number of high quality seals that not only protect your hardscapes but can evoke a certain style. Whether you want the natural beauty of your pavers to shine through or a more satin finish, we give you the options you are after.

That is what makes us the best choice when you need a patio paver sealer in Matthews NC. Get in touch with us (704) 245-9409!

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