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Patio Sealing Companies Near Me in Charlotte NC

Protect Your Patio

Searching for patio sealing near me in Charlotte NC? Then give yourself a pat on the back. You are making a consideration that a lot of home and business owners simply overlook. Patio sealing is a great way to protect your patio from common damage and to get the most out of your likely expensive investment. And make no mistake about it; here at Century Painting, we can definitely help you protect your patio.

We use the very best patio sealing materials and hold special certifications for application. We want you to be able to enjoy your patio for as long as you have it.

That is why we focus on detailed work every time we are hired for patio sealing. You can hire us for:

  • Commercial Patio Sealing – Do you own a restaurant, hotel or any other kind of business with an outdoor patio? Be sure that you are attracting new customers and making your existing customers feel at home with our patio sealing service. Commercial business patios tend to see much more foot traffic than private patios so we recommend having your commercial patio sealed regularly to avoid costly repairs. And besides all the practical reasons to have your commercial patio sealed; it will make your business stand out more!
  • Residential Patio Sealing – Home is where the heart is. And when your outdoor areas are looking less than inviting, your home could be incomplete. Get the most out of your living spaces with our professional residential patio sealing service. No matter what kind of pavers you have installed we will be able to protect them and even make them look nicer. We give you the option of sealants that impart a bright and attractive sheen to your pavers. The choice is yours.

Choose the Company with the Most Experience

When it comes to patio sealing; experience counts for a lot. Different paver materials, woods and layouts present unique challenges. And an inexperienced contractor will not know how to handle these challenges. But not only do we hold special certification for patio sealing here at Century Painting, we are also one of the most experienced sealing contractors in the region.

When you do a search for “patio sealing companies near me in Charlotte NC” you will see our name. That’s because we have a host of satisfied customers, loads of portfolio pictures to share and of course, experience.

Whether you want your deck ready for all the big cookouts you plan to have this summer or you want to make sure you never have to scrub your stone patio pavers again, our sealing service will deliver. There is no job too large or too small for us to handle. We use a carefully contrived process in order to yield the best results. We focus on material durability and beauty.

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No matter what your goal is for your patio and no matter what it is made of, we are the best choice. Get an estimate for patio sealing today (704) 245-9409.


Best Patio Sealing (Near Me) in Charlotte NC

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