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Making Charlotte Patios Like New

One of the easiest ways to enhance your outdoor areas is to have your old patio pavers professionally cleaned. Your patio pavers are literally underfoot every day. That’s their job. And over the years, they can develop thick, stubborn and deep-seated layers of grime that can’t simply be washed away with a garden hose. That’s when it’s time to call in the experts.

Here at Century Painting we have all the equipment we will need to return your patio pavers to a like-new state. We really mean it. Just take a look at our portfolio of work. You will see the amazing difference we have been able to make in people’s pavers. And no matter what material your pavers are made from, we will clean them safely and professionally.

You should have your pavers cleaned at least once a year to keep them from damage and to prevent more serious issues down the road. It is just a good idea. And here are some added perks of having your pavers cleaned by professionals:

  • Makes your Outdoor Areas more Attractive – We talk to a lot of homeowners who don’t even spend any time in their backyards and patios anymore because of the state they are in. But a quick and easy cleaning can make you fall in love with your outdoor areas all over again.
  • Keeps your Outdoor Areas Safer – Do you have little kids running around your outdoor areas all the time? When pavers are left alone for long enough, moss and algae can grow on them, leaving them slippery and dangerous. Paver cleaning will make them safer by uncovering the natural grip and texture of the material – giving your kids and yourself more traction.
  • Deters Insects – Insects can make their homes in the tiny fissures of your pavers when they become dirty. But regular cleaning will clear away this dirt that is so attractive to insects – limiting insect intrusion in your outdoor areas and your indoor living spaces.

And of course, who doesn’t want to keep their patio looking like new? That’s what we can do here at Century Painting when you hire us for paver cleaning.

Detail Oriented Paver Cleaners

Looking for paver cleaners near me in Charlotte NC? Your search is over. Here at Century Painting, we do the most detailed patio paver cleaning in the region. We don’t simply blast your pavers and hardscapes with pressure washers. We employ a methodical process taking into account the material and the level of soil.

We will never damage your outdoor areas, glass doors or windows. We will not thoughtlessly wash away the joint sand that is so important to your pavers. We will never use harsh detergents that can strip the color from your pavers. Whether you just need a routine cleaning or intend to restore and reseal your pavers, we pore over the details.

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Paver Cleaners (Near Me) in Charlotte NC

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