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Paver Restoration Near Me in Charlotte NC

Patio Paver Restoration

Do you want to have like-new patio pavers but don’t want to go through the hassle of uninstalling your current pavers and installing new ones? If so then patio paver restoration is probably the best choice for you. Here at Century Painting, we perform expert paver restoration in Charlotte NC. Our meticulous process will ensure that your old pavers not only look new and attractive again; but also that they will be structurally sound.

There are a lot of contractors who don’t offer this service because it is very involved. In order to do it right and yield professional results, you need to pay attention to the details, be familiar with the specialized materials that the job calls for and perhaps most of all, be knowledgeable of the process. Our founder, Jack Jordan has gone through special training and certification with Surebond, the leading manufacturer of paver restoration supplies.

In a classroom setting and field simulations, he learned all the hands-on techniques needed to carry out top-grade patio paver restoration using the best products available. His guidance informs all the patio paver restoration jobs we do here at Century Painting.

Paver Sealer Remover in Cornelius NC

Our Process

Affecting positive change for old pavers doesn’t happen without a very specified process. We have taken great care in creating a paver restoration method that works every time. Here is a brief overview of our paver restoration process:

  • Repairs – We carefully survey the current state of your pavers and determine if there are any repairs that need to be carried out before restoration. If only minor repairs need to be done, we handle the work ourselves. If the problem is more complex, we work with masonry professionals.
  • Stripping – If any existing sealant is present, it needs to be stripped off before further steps are taken. We use powerful yet safe chemical strippers to completely remove any old sealant. But don’t worry, the stripping agents we use will not fade or deteriorate the natural color of your pavers.
  • Cleaning – Whether scrubbing by hand or using pressure washers, we make sure that your bare paver surfaces are completely clean for 100% sealant adherence.
  • Re-Sanding – Re-sanding is an important part of the restoration process because in essence, it shores up the joints of your pavers. The sand needs to be embedded at a very specific depth in the material for optimal protection from shifting.

Sealing – Using high-quality sealants, we go over your newly cleaned and sanded pavers to make sure they are able to resist stains, UV rays and cracks.

Choose the Professionals

We want you to know that we stand behind all of our work here at Century Painting. Your satisfaction is our top priority so if something isn’t right, we will do what it takes to fix it. If you want your pavers to look like new again, we are the company to call. So the next time you do a search for ‘paver restoration near me in Charlotte NC’ be sure to make us your first choice!

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The next time you need the help of a capable paver restoration service provider that delivers impeccable service, be sure to reach out to us (704) 245-9409!


Paver Restoration in Charlotte, NC

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