Pool Furniture Rust

Lounge Without The Eyesore

Everyone loves spending time poolside. It’s relaxing, refreshing, a great way to spend time outdoors and a great place to entertain guests. But when rust stains are creeping upwards on the legs of your pool chairs, you won’t want to have anyone over at all.

Rust has a way of making even new things like pool chairs and outdoor furniture look instantly and irrevocably old. People see rust and they automatically think ‘old.’ It’s unfair but that’s how it usually is.

So if you have recently purchased some pool or outdoor furniture, we have some tips to help keep it rust-free and beautiful:

Paste Wax – Paste wax can help the metal parts of your pool furniture resist corrosion. Simply clean off the chair with a moist cloth, let it dry and apply the paste wax to all the metal parts. You can use a paint brush for application.

Grease – Grease is also a substance that is resistant to moisture and can keep your metal pool furniture from rusting. You can regularly grease the metal portions of your furniture as a maintenance procedure.

WD-40 – You can also spray your metal furniture down with certain WD-40 products to keep them from rusting.

Furniture Covers – Of course, one of the most effective ways to prevent your pool furniture from rusting is to keep it dry. While it is not feasible to always have your furniture items covered (the point is to enjoy them after all, right?) it’s still a good idea to keep them covered when you aren’t using them. This may not totally prevent rust but it can certainly slow down the proliferation of rust.

Pool furniture was meant to get wet so it’s very hard to protect it from rust. But if you utilize some or all of the above tips, you will at least give yourself a fighting chance.

When Rust Appears

If it’s too late and the damage has been done, don’t just throw your pool furniture in the dumpster. There is an alternative. We offer professional rust removal services for all types of exterior surfaces. And yes, that does include rust on pool furniture.

By using advanced F9 rust removal products, we are able to break down rust and remove it from a variety of surfaces. We are happy to now offer this service for pool and patio furniture as well. You don’t have to waste money every summer on new pool furniture because last year’s is rusted and ugly.

Contact Us!

With just one call to us here at Century Painting, you can have like-new pool and patio furniture ready for your next pool party. When rust appears, call on us and we will make it disappear.


Pool Furniture Rust Removal

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