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Residential Brick Painters in Davidson NC

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You may think that there’s not much you can do about those ugly brick exteriors that you hate but that simply isn’t the case. Brick painting is always a viable option for changing the look of your home’s exteriors. And while not all painting contractors offer this service – and even fewer do it right – it is something that we have become known for here at Century Painting. Residential Brick Painters in Davidson NC.

Residential Brick Painters in Davidson NCAfter decades in the painting business, you learn a thing or two about painting over difficult exterior surfaces. And we have taken things to the next level here at Century Painting by offering professional brick painting services. We want you to be satisfied with the way the outside of your home looks. And a special coat of paint for your brick exteriors may be just what the doctor ordered.

Painting your brick exteriors is an effective and affordable way to change the entire aesthetic of your home. Rendering your bricks in a modern gray hue or a classic white tone can change the way that you and others view your home. But it needs to be done by the right people. When you make us your residential brick painters in Davidson, NC, you can count on the job being done right.

Careless contractors will work with an inferior or unsuitable type of masonry paint that traps moisture within the bricks without being able to expel it. But we use only the best masonry paint and we thoroughly prep your bricks to prevent trapping any moisture with a coat of paint.


Inexperienced contractors won’t be able to properly clean the brick surface before painting. And this is an all-important step if you want to avoid having to repaint your bricks every year. Brick is very porous and dirt, grime, mildew, oil, and debris need to be completely cleared out before painting. Residential brick painters in Davidson, NC who don’t have the proper cleaning equipment and cleaning agents will not be able to prep properly.

But rest assured, we have everything needed to carry out every step of the process professionally. For a beautiful coat of paint on your brick exteriors, turn to us!

We can help you bring your vision to life, whether it’s for your home or workspace. Our goal is to understand your expectations fully and surpass them, which is why we’re a leading Charlotte NC painting contractor.

No project is too big or small for us to handle, and we maintain the same level of accuracy and professionalism for all jobs. Consistency is the hallmark of our work.

Complete Service from Start to Finish

We provide complete support throughout the project, from selecting the perfect paint color to revealing the final product by removing the last bit of tape. We conduct a thorough walk-through with you after completion to ensure your complete satisfaction with every detail of the job.

If you have any concerns or are not completely pleased, we will cheerfully make any necessary corrections. This is the level of service we provide to all of our esteemed clients.

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