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Shingle Rust

Rust On The Roof

It is probably difficult to see, but rust may be forming on your roof right now. Rusted asphalt shingles are usually the result of corroding flashing, chimney caps, vents or fasteners. All these materials are made of some sort of metal and as we all know, metal can rust when exposed to moisture.

Rust on an asphalt roof is typically confined to the area immediately surrounding these metal fasteners and vents. You typically see elongated, orange, streaky rust stains stretching downward from the metal source. That’s because as rain falls off your pitched roof, it draws water and therefore rust, downward in streaks.

And that’s just for asphalt shingles. Asphalt in and of itself is not susceptible to rust because there are no metallic components in it. Just the nails that were used to install them which, should be treated to resist rust anyway.

But what if you have metal shingles? There are lots of metal shingles that should also be impervious to rust but there are always extenuating circumstances. Maybe the sealing has stripped off or maybe the material wasn’t truly rust resistant in the first place. Whatever the cause, rust can wreak havoc on all types of shingles.

The Dangers

The reasons that rust on the roof can be a big problem is that rust is corrosive. It oxidizes and eats away at whatever material it is present on. Because rust can form on asphalt shingles, roofing tiles and metal shingles, it should be eliminated as soon as possible.

When the shingles of your roof lose their composition due to rust corrosion, your roofing substrate and decking becomes compromised. Your shingles protect the vulnerable under-layers of your roofing structure. And when that layer is compromised, the entire structure is compromised. Roof leaks can form and water damage can ravage your home.

Contact Us!

We can help keep your roof strong and secure. To shore up your home’s first line of defense against the elements and rid your shingles of rust, give us a call!

Be Proactive

That is why it’s so important to at least give your roof a cursory look-over every once in a while. A bit of proactivity can go a long way when it comes to rusted shingles? If you are seeing rust on your roof, give us a call here at Century Painting. We specialize in a number of rust removal services and are pleased to now offer shingle rust removal.

We feel that this is a very important service. It can help our customers secure their home and avoid thousands of dollars’ worth of property damage. Our rust removal service features advanced F9 products. And we apply these top of the line cleaning agents to our shingle rust removal service.

When you call us, a certified technician will come to your home, analyze the severity of corrosion and apply an F9 solution suited to your specific situation.


Shingle Rust Removal Service

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