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Tips for Painting a Room – Painting Tips and Tricks

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This year, we have talked a lot about painting tips & Tips for Painting a Room. We’ve gone over what to avoid, what tools you will need for the job, and even home paint colors that are trending right now. But we know a lot of people are stuck at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, itching to repaint one or more rooms in their home. And while there are a lot of room painting tip articles out there, we want to focus our blog on the tips that often get omitted but are still extremely important. So we pooled our collective painting knowledge and experience here at Century Painting to come up with the following list of tips for painting a room that you probably haven’t heard.
  1. Maintain Ventilation:

    One safety tip that gets omitted a lot because it seems like common knowledge is to keep the room properly ventilated. Open up windows and push back curtains and drapery. Many people use exhaust fans for ventilation when they are painting kitchens and bathrooms but these should not be relied upon as many of them don’t exhaust air out of doors. Box fans mounted or placed in window frames are helpful for producing more cross ventilation and exhaust circulation.
  2. Keep Paint Mixed:

    It can be easy to get caught up in your work and leave an open can of paint idle for hours at a time but try to avoid this habit. Use wooden mixing sticks (only a dollar or two at most hardware stores) to mix any open cans of paint throughout the course of the project. Paint can dry quickly and become much harder to apply.
  3. Accent Walls:

    If your room painting project includes an accent wall, the general rule of thumb is to start painting the non-focal walls first. That’s because your accent wall will color will likely be darker than the other walls. And if you accidentally get the lighter paint on the accent wall, you can easily cover the stains up with the darker paint.
  4. The Top-Down Rule:

    You should always begin painting a room from the top down. That is, start with the portion closest to the ceiling and work your way down to the portion near the floor.
  5. Take Decor Into Account:

    Many DIY painters forget to think about how a new paint color will accent or clash with their current décor. That’s why it’s important to take a good look at your furniture, molding, lighting, and any art you have in the room to make sure the color you choose goes well with them.
  6. Cutting:

    The importance of cutting – painting along baseboards, molding, ceiling, and floor edges first then working inward – cannot be overstated. Trust us, it will make your job much easier.

Safe Painting in Charlotte NC:

Of course, if you would rather leave the work to professionals, you can call on us here at Century Painting. We utilize COVID safety practices wherever we work so you can rest assured that you and your family will be safe. Revamp your home safely today!
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