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Tools To Have For Exterior Painting

Congratulations! You have mustered up the gumption to handle your exterior painting project yourself. Not everyone is willing to take this task on so kudos to you. But unless you have done projects like this before you may have some questions. And that is perfectly normal.

Here at Century Painting and More, we want to make sure your project goes off without a hitch – even if you don’t hire us to take care of it. So today, we thought we’d go over the basics of exterior painting. Namely, the tools you will need to get the job done. Please keep in mind that depending on the material of your siding and your own preferences and goals, the tools you will need to get the job done will vary.

But we will be taking a shotgun approach and listing tools you will need for multiple surfaces. Of course, you can hire us for exterior painting any time, but let’s get into the tools you will need for the job.

Tools and Materials Needed for Prep Work

No matter what kind of siding you are painting, the area will need to be prepped first. This will entail cleaning and possibly some repairs. Here is what you will need:

  • A stiff wire brush – You may be able to use this to clean your siding
  • Paint scraper – You can use this tool to remove existing coats of paint
  • An outdoor surface cleaning solution – A good cleaning solution will make hand-scrubbing and even power washing easier
  • Pressure washer – You will only need this if you are not able to thoroughly clean your siding by hand with a brush
  • Drop cloths – Be sure to have plenty of drop cloths around to cover the ground around your working area as well as any shrubbery or small trees
  • Masonry caulk – You may need masonry caulk to fill in any cracks in stucco before painting
  • Putty knife – For larger cracks, you may need to apply a patching compound with this kind of knife
  • Patching compound – There are various types of patching compounds including epoxy filler and they type you will need will depend on the siding material

Tools and Materials you will need for Priming and Painting

Some of the tools and materials you will need for priming and painting include:

  • Paint sprayer – Handy if you want to avoid brush painting
  • Paint brush – A synthetic paint brush will work best for applying exterior primer
  • Plastic cover – You should  cover outdoor light fixtures, windows and doors with plastic wrap
  • Painters tape – Helpful for protecting door framing and molding from primer and paint
  • Primer – An acrylic-based, stain-blocking primer works best for exterior surfaces
  • Ladder – A must for priming and painting tall walls
  • Exterior paint – Usually, flat or eggshell exterior paint is needed for outdoor surfaces

Of course, you may not end up needing all the items listed above but we tried to cover all scenarios and siding types for this guide. Please refer to some of our past exterior painting blogs for more information or simply give us a call at; (704) 245-9409!