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Why You Should Paint Your Office Before Moving In

Are you moving into a new office?! Well first, congratulations from the Century Painting team! Moving into a new office is always a big step. Now, it is time to officially make it your office. What is a better way to personalize it than with a brand new paint job? There isn’t! But, you should make sure you get your commercial painting in Charlotte, NC done before you move in.  There are a few reasons to do it early, and we break those down here.

Why You Should Paint Your Office Before Moving In

  • It is easier to paint an empty commercial space than a full one.

Picture this: you are in your office and it is full of furniture and people. Great, right? Until you have to paint it, that is. Moving is enough of a hassle, but in order to have your office or commercial painting done, you need to remove all of those people and all of that furniture so that the painting company you choose can paint all of the walls and make it look great. So rather than move in and move out, wait until the painting is done and dry before you move into your new space. 

  • Painting offices helps productivity!

Did you know that having your office painted can actually boost productivity? Having vibrant colors that are energetic looking can give off energy is very important to any office. The energy that comes in from the colors can be translated to employees, and having these colors before you move in will get your team off to a strong start. 


  • Having your office painted presents well to clients. 

Moving into a new space is great for you and your team, but clients may want to see the space when it opens as well. Between things like ribbon cuttings and new neighbors, your new space could get a lot of traffic early on. Having a space that is well painted and aesthetically pleasing will be sure to wow all visitors, so be sure to have that done before you open!


Are you looking to get commercial painting in Charlotte, NC? Look no further. Century Painting can help you with all of your painting needs. Contact us for a free estimate!