paver sealing charlotte nc

Can You Seal A Paver Patio?


The short answer to this question is: yes. You can and absolutely should absolutely seal your paver patio. Anything of yours that is outside should be sealed, in some capacity. If something is being hit by rain, snow, dirt, debris, as much as a paver/patio is, it is very important to make sure to protect it. Century Painting offers paver sealing in Charlotte and surrounding areas. Sealing your pavers is really important for making sure you have long-lasting, good-looking pavers. 


The first reason to seal your pavers besides protecting them from the weather is to maintain and even improve the appearance. Part of the reason for installing pavers is because they look good, and if they are not sealed, they could deteriorate, stain, or get discolored. Sealing them not only makes them look good but also adds a nice glossy finish to them making them stand out.

There are two types of paver sealings to choose from. One is a clear look, which offers protection while keeping your pavers looking like there is nothing on them. The second is the wet look. The wet look offers a gloss and shine to your pavers and makes them stand out and look newer than the day they were installed. The wet look also offers a high level of protection for your pavers.

paver sealing charlotte nc

Protecting your pavers improves lifespan, makes the pavers look nice, and can save a lot of costs in replacing them due to damage. At Century Painting, we recommend sealing your pavers as soon as you can. If you would like a quote from a professional with over 20 years of paver sealing experience, click here. We are looking forward to sealing your pavers!