Kitchen Painting Services

What to Expect to Pay for Kitchen Painting?

Many people consider their kitchen the heart of their home. It is where you prepare meals for yourself and your loved ones. Although, if you have been ordering out more often lately, it may be because you don’t want to spend much time in your kitchen.

A drab coat of paint in your kitchen is a repellent for you and your family, but what can you do about it? By far, the best way to breathe new life into an old kitchen is to have it painted. Painting a kitchen is an excellent alternative to renovations because it is effective and it costs much less than a complete renovation.

How much less? At least several thousand dollars. The average price to renovate a kitchen is around $24,000. The average price to paint a kitchen is just around $2,000.

Of course, every kitchen is different and each kitchen painting project will require different services that will affect the price. So today’s post is all about what affects the price of kitchen painting and how much you might expect to pay for your project.


Aspects that Affect Price

The typical misconception about kitchen painting projects is that they should be less expensive than other interior painting projects. After all, there is less surface space to cover in your kitchen, right? Not necessarily.

While kitchen cabinets do take up a significant chunk of wall space it requires more brush work and therefore, more labor to brush and cut around them. While less paint is needed to paint the actual walls, more precision work is required to navigate around cabinets, appliances etc.

The size of the kitchen is another huge price point. If you have a 12’x12’ kitchen with 8’ ceilings, you are looking at about $165 when you hire us here at Century Painting.

Let’s say your kitchen has a sliding glass door that leads to the backyard, a couple of bay windows, a door that leads to the garage, a door to the dining room, a pantry door or all of the above. In such a case the price would go up since there are so many objects to paint around. The more brush work needed to paint around door frames, molding and windows, the more your project will cost.

What about Cabinets?

Kitchen cabinet painting is an option some painting companies (ours included) make available. Let’s take that same 12’x12’ kitchen with 8’ high ceilings as an example again. Assuming that there are no excessive doors or windows to consider, and that you want 16 doors on 9 drawers painted, you can expect to drop around $2,415 ($200 for the wall painting and $2,215 for the cabinets).

Our cabinet painting includes both sides of the cabinet doors, exterior surfaces, spray priming and up to two finish coats.

Still, $1,040 is much more affordable than an average kitchen renovation. Even if your project includes more cabinets, painting is still a more affordable option. You can check out our pricing page or give us a call for more information.