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Deck Stripping in Fort Mill SC

Getting Back To Basics

If you have a deck that has seen better days, you may be wondering which route you should take to improve it. No matter what your inclination is, it is important that you start the project with stripping. Stripping allows the wood of the deck to reach a like-new state.

Applying any stain or seal to a deck that has not been properly stripped can result in a bad finish, discoloration and other aesthetic problems. While stripping can be a tedious and labor-intensive job, the fact remains that it is a necessary step.

Fortunately you don’t have to tackle the job on your own. At Century Painting, we also do deck stripping in Fort Mill, SC. Whether you want to repaint or stain your deck, we can handle all the stripping work for you.

There is no need to put strain on your body by painstakingly scraping the paint and seal off your deck. We handle all the hard work and have the proper equipment to do it professionally.

Plus our deck stripping service is very cost-effective. We are sure that the estimate we give you for the job will be lower than some of our leading competitors in the area even if you have a particularly large deck.

Get It Done Professionally

Many people think that stripping a deck is a relatively easy chore but when they start, they see how hard it is. While the work itself may be simple, the process is long, exhausting and requires a professional eye. If you overlook a small detail of the job, the later stages of deck renovation can be seriously hampered.

We do professional deck stripping in Fort Mill, SC. Our crews come equipped with industrial strength equipment to do a thorough job. They also know what to look for when stripping a deck and how to address common problems.

Contact Us!

We can guarantee that your deck will be ready for the next step in your renovation which is why you should leave it to the professionals here at Century Painting. Get in contact with us today (704) 245-9409!


Deck Stripping Services in Fort Mill, SC

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