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Fence Sealing in Charlotte NC

Superior Protection and Beauty

Depending on the kind of wood your fence is made of, you may face different challenges. For example, if your fence is made of pressure-treated pine, you may not have to worry about bugs eating the wood away but you may have to worry about warping. Warping occurs over time as moisture seeps into the pressure-treated wood. This is a huge reason why you should seriously think about sealing your fence if it is made of pine.

Sealing a pine fence could protect it from warping and offer other benefits such as protection from discoloration and fiber breakdown from UV rays. Even if you have a fence made of naturally insect-resistant wood like cedar, sealing is a good idea to protect its good looks.

Hardwoods like cedar can age pretty poorly if they are not sealed properly. They end up turning a dull, grey, unattractive color. To prevent your fence from turning into a neighborhood eye-sore, we recommend professional fence sealing. At Century Paint, we have been professionally sealing fences for two decades.

We work with the finest sealants that will enhance the natural beauty of your fence as well as extend its life span. Letting us seal your wooden fence is a great way to protect your investment and add an aesthetic element to your commercial or residential property.

The Know-How To Get The Job Done Right

There are a lot of contractors that use premium-grade sealants but don’t know how to apply them properly. It is about more than just reading the instructions on the packaging. Those instructions fail to take important aspects of the application into account. We have been sealing decks and fences for a very long time and we know what it takes to get the job done right.

That is why we are highly sought after for fence sealing in Charlotte NC. We make homes and business more attractive and help maintain the functionality of fences for decades. Any time you are in need of professional fence sealing in Charlotte NC or the surrounding areas, call on us!

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