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Irrigation Rust Stains

Problematic Irrigation Stains

Your sprinkler system is supposed to help keep your lawn looking lush and attractive, right? But what happens when your irrigation system is spilling excess water all over your driveway, pavers and patio? The typical results are ugly orange irrigation stains.

When water is left to set or run over concrete surfaces for an extended period of time, rust stains are inevitable. Even calcium buildup in your sprinkler heads can spill over and leave marks on your hardscape surfaces. These are the most common and problematic stains andthey are caused by errant irrigation systems.

And since concrete is such a porous material, it can be very difficult to get rid of these kinds of stains. But that is why we have teamed up with F9 Restoration. Front 9 makes the most effective rust removal agents in the industry. And here at Century Painting, we are a certified F9 contractor. That means we have gone through the training, learned the techniques and are qualified to remove tough irrigation stains from your concrete and hardscape surfaces.

One of the great things about F9 solutions is that they are safe. Sometimes, in the course of removing orange irrigation stains, you will actually permanently alter the surface paste of the concrete. Doing so will leave a milky stain on your hardscapes that you can’t get rid of. But F9 cleaning solutions are safe for your hardscapes and the environment. In our expert hands, they will work to remove your orange irrigation stains without creating new ones.

Enhance Your Outdoor Areas

Irrigation rust stains may not show up suddenly. In fact, the alteration is usually very gradual. You can go years without realizing that your driveway or walkways are being stained and discolored. But chances are if your outdoor areas have been looking dull and old as of late, the culprit is rust staining.

You will be amazed at the positive impact we can make on your outdoor areas with our professional irrigation rust removal service. It features a premium F9 cleaning solution and precision power or soft washing. With our professional tools and unmatched expertise, we can turn back the hands of the clock for your hardscape surfaces. Rejuvenate your outdoor areas and enhance the curbside appeal of your home or business with our irrigation rust removal service.

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Don’t let your lawn and hardscapes go to waste. You paid good money for them. Protect them by choosing us for orange irrigation stain removal.

Be Prepared

Even professional installation isn’t enough to safeguard your property from irrigation rust stains. Over time, sprinkler systems simply fail. They are constantly bombarded by the sun, wind and of course, water. The best way to prepare yourself for when your irrigation system starts causing rust formation is to save our number. We can remove rust stains caused by:

  • Calcium Deposits – Calcium builds up in your sprinkler heads and when it breaks loose and lands on your hardscapes, it will cause a stain.
  • Flooding –If your sprinkler system is overwatering in some areas of your lawn, the excess water will set and form rust.
  • Errant Irrigation – Sprinkler heads get damaged over time which causes them to spray water errantly

If you do have a stain, don’t worry! Century Painting can get even the toughest Irrigation Rust Stains out.


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