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In today’s fast-paced world, too many painting contractors are rushing their work and not offering their clients the kind of service they are entitled too. Here at Century Painting, we remember when more businesses were doing things the right way and we are continuing that legacy.

We have been in business for 20 years and in all that time, we have been delivering top-notch painting service to our clients. We are the painters in Waxhaw, NC that you can rely on to do complete work. Our process is meticulous. We help you move your furniture, tape off all surfaces that are not to be painted, sand walls for a smooth surface and apply 2 coats of paint.

Before we call any job complete, we do a walk-through with our clients, put back all displaced furniture and completely clean up the area. On top of all that we offer 60 days of free touch ups just in case we missed anything.

We feel that this is the way more companies should be doing business. You can count on this level of customer service and emphasis on satisfaction with every job you hire us onto. We are the painters you can rely on. Talk to us soon to find out more about our painting services!

The Best Painters in Waxhaw

For us, quality service also means putting the best painters on the job. By keeping the quality of our team consistent, we are able to yield consistently great results for both commercial and residential projects.

All of our painters are vastly experienced and have been properly trained. Furthermore, we are a fully licensed, certified and insured painting company. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you work with us here at Century Painting.

When you can’t afford to have your project done any less than perfectly, we are the company you should call now at; (704) 245-9409.

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Our painters work hard, efficiently and will make sure you are fully satisfied. That is our promise. Hire us for your next project!


Best Painters in Waxhaw

Century Painting provides you the most skillful and furnished work in the Waxhaw NC area. We are located in 6201 Boykin Spaniel Road. You can contact us now for further information.