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Patio Cleaning and Sealing in Charlotte NC

Your Patio Reimagined

It’s hard to keep up with your patio. Extreme weather can prevent you from stepping out onto it for months at a time. And by the time the weather lets up, your patio could be so dirty that it would take an entire crew to cleanup. And that’s where we come in. We are Century Painting and we will gladly tackle your most demanding patio cleaning job.

In the winter months, tons of rainwater, leaves, mud and grime can build up on your patio making it uninhabitable. But we know you want to be ready for the Spring and Summer months when the sun is shining and BBQ’s are beckoning. You can hire us for quick and painless patio cleaning no matter how dirty yours has gotten.

We do detailed work. We take care in our patio cleaning service because we know that our customers take pride in their outdoor areas. When we use pressure washers, we will not strip your deck or ruin the color of your pavers. When detergents are necessary, we will not endanger your family, your pets or your plants with noxious chemicals. In the end, you will have a pristine outdoor area for you and your family to enjoy.

Why spend an entire weekend trying to reverse the damage of several months? Patio cleaning can be laborious, back-breaking work. But here at Century Painting, we have professional tools and equipment, manpower and years of experience at our disposal. We can make quick work of the most demanding patio cleaning jobs and the best part is we pass the savings on to you. Here are just a few of the types of patios we clean:

  • Wooden Decks – Wooden decks are more delicate than you may think. Hiring a careless contractor or trying to pressure wash your deck yourself may result in stripped or peeling paint. We will never damage your wooden deck in the course of cleaning.
  • Stone Pavers – Stone can quickly become discolored with UV ray bleaching and moss growth.But regular cleaning and sealing is your best bet for keeping your stone pavers looking like new.
  • Brick Pavers – Brick patios get dirty very easily. Brick is highly absorbent and mortar is very porous – meaning lots of dirt and grime can build up. Our cleaning service will make your brick patio neat and inviting again. That is why we are the top choice for patio cleaning and sealing in Charlotte NC.

Effective Patio Sealing

After you have your patio cleaned, why not invest in sealing? Sealing is the best way to make sure your patio stays clean and the material holds up under the rigors of weather and everyday use. And we are one of the best patio sealing companies in Charlotte NC because we guarantee that our patio sealing will be effective to this end. Our quality materials and proven techniques will give your patio its longest possible life. To make a visible and lasting improvement to your patio, put us on the job.

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Patio Cleaning and Sealing in Charlotte, NC

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