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Quality Paver Sealing

If you don’t know, paver sealing is the process of adding a protective layer to your paver stones or bricks. This protective layer is designed to do a number of things. What people like the most about paver sealing is that it makes the pavers exceptionally easy to clean. In most cases, once a paver is sealed, it only needs to be hosed off regularly to keep it clean.

But some customers opt for paver sealing because it makes the material last longer. Paver sealing can extend the life of your paver material by protecting it from erosion and cracking. Still some people choose to have their pavers sealed because it can add an attractive sheen to the material. But no matter what your reasons are, you can always count on us here at Century Painting for quality paver sealing.

If you have yet to find your reason for paver sealing, maybe the following list of paver sealing advantages can help:

  • It Protects from Salt – Natural salt is course and abrasive. Over time, it can really do a number on your paver stones. But sealing your pavers protects them from salt damage exceptionally well.
  • Repels Moss – Unless you are going for the rustic look, moss can be a big problem for your pavers and hardscapes. That’s because moss makes your pavers more slippery and therefore more dangerous. Moss can also discolor and damage your pavers. Sealing cuts moss off from a surface on which it can grow.
  • Reduces Shifting – Over time, pavers can shift. This breaks the joints and can cause damage to your outside areas. One way to prevent or at least, minimize paver shifting is by sealing them.
  • Keeps Sand In – Believe it or not, the sand granules in your paver joints are very important. As these granules erode and wash away over time, the pavers become less stable and more prone to cracking. But a sealant coat professionally applied will prevent this loss of sand in the joints.

To reap all these paver sealing benefits and more, be sure to call us (704) 245-9409 for paver sealing and restoration in Charlotte NC.

The Best Paver Restoration in Charlotte NC

Paver restoration is a bit more involved than sealing. While sealing is part of the restoration process, paver restoration may also entail small repairs, re-sanding and specialized cleaning. But it is worth the work. We have been fortunate to be part of many paver restoration projects and have seen firsthand the transformation it can achieve.

That is of course, when the work is done professionally. And here at Century Painting we are professionals who offer the best paver restoration in Charlotte NC. People call on us for paver restoration because we have a reputation for being able to beautify the oldest and most far-gone hardscapes. We even offer environmentally friendly joint stabilizing sealers including 2-part urethanes. We are the company that gives you more options.

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Paver Sealing & Restoration in Charlotte, NC

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