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Paver Sealing Companies Near Me in Charlotte NC

Have You Considered Paver Sealing?

Pavers usually don’t get much thought. They are literally underfoot items that once installed, homeowners tend to ignore. But the fact is that even hard as rock pavers can get damaged by the sun, rain and everyday foot traffic. That’s why, here at Century Painting, we want to pose the question: have you ever considered sealing your pavers?

As one of the top paver sealing companies in Charlotte, NC we have seen more than our fair share of damaged pavers. Paver damage can usually be avoided altogether with a little forethought. Paver sealing is the process of protecting your paver stones and bricks with a clear coat that is resistant to oil, dirt and other debris.

If you have never thought about protecting your pavers, we want to present you with a short yet poignant list of the advantages of paver sealing:

  • It Makes Pavers Easier to Clean – If you find cleaning your outdoor areas an intolerable chore, you don’t have to work so hard. Once you have your pavers professionally sealed, cleaning them is as easy as running hose water over them. The invisible veneer of paver seals don’t let stains settle into the porous material of your pavers so cleaning them is a breeze.
  • It Prevents Cracking – Weeds are stronger than you think. All it takes is a tiny crack in your paver stones for weeds to gain a foothold. Over time, the weeds create a huge crack that can split the entire paver. Sealing adds a protective layer around your pavers to make them crack-resistant.
  • Sealing Preserves Color – A lot of the people who do opt for paver sealing do so because they want to preserve the color of their pavers. The high quality paver sealers that we use come with UV protection. UV rays from the sun are the number one culprit in paver stone discoloration. So if you want to preserve the color of your pavers, sealing is the best way to do so.
  • Longer Lasting Pavers – The granules that make up the joint sealing of pavers can erode over time. This causes your pavers to shift, move and eventually decay. Paver sealing prevents granule loss so your pavers will actually last longer.

The Best Paver Sealing in the Business

The next time you search “paver sealing companies near me in Charlotte NC” be sure to keep a look out for Century Painting. We offer the best service because we use the best sealers and do a meticulous job applying them. We want your pavers to last and look beautiful as much as you do because our work is our reputation.

When you hire us for “paver sealing near me in Charlotte NC” you will get all the benefits listed above and so much more. Make us your choice and give us a call here (704) 245-9409 at Century Painting today.

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Paver Sealing (Near Me) in Charlotte, NC

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