The Pros and Cons Of Installing Travertine Pavers In 2022

Welcome to Century Painting’s travertine pavers pros and cons with what they are, cost, colors, installation, sealing, and maintenance.

Travertine comes in two forms: pavers and tiles. In this blog, we cover Travertine Pavers, why you should get them, and why they are so popular.

Travertine Pavers Pros

  • Durability – Travertine is very popular in Charlotte, NC because it is very durable. Travertine holds up better than a lot of other natural stones, and requires significantly less maintenance.
  • Weather Resistant – Unlike something like wood, which will warp when it gets too hot, Travertine is weather resistant. This means that you don’t have to worry about it warping, shrinking, or falling apart in cases of extremely contradicting weather.
  • Cold – Another reason Travertine is so popular in Charlotte, NC is that it withstands heat VERY WELL. Sometimes, there is nothing worse than walking barefoot on a hot pool deck. Travertine doesn’t hold heat, so it stays cool, even on hot days.
  • Affordable – Travertine is a cheaper alternative to things like marble and granite.
  • Beautiful – Travertine comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and looks GREAT when properly installed.

Travertine Pavers Cons

As many benefits as Travertine has, there are also a couple of cons to be aware of if you have Travertine dreams.

Firstly, it can be damaged relatively easily. This is why it is used for lower-traffic outdoor patios and decks, and not for things like sidewalks and public spaces. Secondly, it needs to be sealed. Luckily for you, Century Painting NC is an expert when it comes to sealing Travertine Pavers.


If you are interested in installing Travertine pavers at your home, contact us here to get a free estimate for installing Travertine Pavers in Charlotte, NC.